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Frío, which would be the “cold”, in this case warms us up with its latin and caliente sound. A reggaetón song, produced by the Italian DJ Producer Danilo Orsini and interpreted by the Italian Spanish songwriter/composer Davy Floris, which is mixed with Afro sounds, which together give a wild touch to the song in a totally natural setting.

Danilo Orsini and Davy Floris have experienced something new, both from a musical point of view and from a love and social theme. In fact, the sounds and effects in general have been studied in detail to find the perfect harmony with the music video. The song, as the singer says, can be interpreted from multiple points of view, such as; the cold of distance, the cold of love, the cold of passion, the cold of anything, which should absolutely be broken with the warmth of love.

In this case, a love story is told, where phrases like “ya yo me cansé de verte por la pantalla” (I’m tired of seeing you through a photo of the phone), represent, in fact, the coldness of the distance that must be destroyed and that in any case today, inevitably, it affects our lifestyle due to the extreme use of technology.

Released by the well-known Italian label Fantasía Urbana/Executiva Music, “Frío” is from June 16th in all digital stores and with the official video on youtube and on all social networks.

Already included in many Italian and foreign radios, televisions, on many magazines and blogs, in the most listened to Latin charts and playlists all over the world.

Danilo Orsini Italian DJ and music producer, has to his credit many singles and collaborations with various Italian and foreign labels. 
Many of his singles have been included in major compilations, supported by radios and DJs around the world and have reached the top of the international charts.

Davy Floris, pseudonym of Davide Mario Floris is an Italian-Spanish singer, producer, DJ, composer of reggaetón and Latin / house. From a very young age, he began to work as a DJ and singer in the most famous night clubs of Naples and Caserta and at the age of 18 to produce his first songs, always using a Latin style and rhythm.

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